Roger & Jan Severson
- Our family has been a customer of The Clip Joint for approximately 25 years. We feel so fortunate to have a groomer like Kathy Weber. She is so gentle and loving with our 3 poodles and they are always excited to go to The Clip Joint. Our 7 year old female gets excited when she hears that she is going "to get her hair cut". Over the past 25 years Kathy has groomed approximately 7 different dogs for our family. We have always been so happy with the service we have recieved. We can't imagine having anyone other than Kathy groom our dogs.

JoAnn Claussen & Lady
- I wanted to let you know that my dog Lady died. You had groomed her just before Christmas on 12/17 and she died the day after Christmas 12/26. As sick as she was, she still looked beautiful because you had groomed her. We hadn't known you long but want to thank you for your excellent service.

Elaine Bormann
- I have had four dogs over a span of 40 years groomed by Kathy Weber at The Clip Joint. My first dog started with Kathy when she was still in high school. Her shop is extremely clean and she uses quality products. Kathy's love for dogs is displayed in how much attention she gives each dog. All of my dogs are excited when they know it's "haircut day". Even after we moved out of Monona to the other side of Madison, I continue to bring my dogs to the Clip Joint.

Betsy Zadra
- My parents have take our family dogs to Kathy since 1968. When I got my first dog in 2003, there was only one place that I would even consider taking her to be groomed and tha twas the Clip Joint. Kathy treats my dog like its her own. She gives my dog a quality haircut and when I pick her up she looks like a show dog. My dog is so excited when I ask her if she wants to go see Kathy and get a haircut. She runs to the door and can't wait to get in the car to visit Kathy. Once in Monona, she pops up as she knows the turns to the Clip Joint and gets excited as we pull up to Kathy's driveway. Kathy must give my dog a lot of attention to get a reaction like that every time she gets a haircut.

Carol Brumfield
- I have been patronizing the Clip Joint for the better part of my miniature schnauzer's life. She turned 12 on December 8, 2008. In the beginning, we had a male and a female that we took to Kathy for grooming. Because we both worked full time, we took the dogs to Kathy before work, and picked them up after work. The dogs were always happy to go there, and they sure looked nice when we picked them up. Over the years, my husband passed away, as did our male dog, but not before he fathered a little black female. Now Kathy is grooming mother and daughter on a regular basis. I would definitely recommend the Clip Joint to anyone looking for a good groomer. She is the greatest!

Bev & Jack Hicks
- For many years now we have taken our dog to the Clip Joint for grooming first "Cream Cheese" and now his sucessor "Charlie". Kathy consistently does a wonderful job, always approaching her work with a professional concern for each of the animals she is working on. She does such a good job, reminding us of our dog's appointment beforehand, welcoming him, grooming him, keeping him safe and sending us home with a handsome and well-groomed pet. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Clip Joint.

DeAnna Braeksma
- Thanks for the job well done. Wilson looks very cute in his new cut & trim. You were a great groomer & I forgot to tip you. So...here's a little extra wishes that you have a great day!

Bill Sommers
- I have been taking my dogs to the Clip Joint for over 20 years. Presently I have a Peek-a-Poo and she looks forward to the visits. The service is SUPERB! Thank you.

Jill Carey
- I've been taking my two Yorkies, Julia and Stanley, to Kathy since the beginning of both of their lives. Kathy is loving and kind and she cares a great deal about all of her clients and their pets. Not only is Kathy ver experienced groomer she is also very conscientious with her care of them. They absolutely love her. Julia and Stanley get very excited when they see Kathy and never even look back when we drop them off. I would never take them to anyone else. She is wonderful!

Donna Winter
- Kathy has benn making my little terriers, Punkin and Yo-Yo, look their very best for over five years! Kathy is great with the dogs-she is careful and gentle and she makes the experience of "going to the groomer" much less stressful for them. I appreciate how reliable Kath is. We set up appointments for "the girls" a month in advance and I can plan my schedule with confidence knowing that Kathy won't cancel at the last minute. The extra care Kathy gives her clients (2 legged and 4 legged) is why I remain a very loyal customer.

Jeff and Sue Richardson
- We have been bringing our dog Chewy, a Carin Terrier, to the Clip Joint for the past 13 years. We have been very pleased with the wonderful care Kathy provides our dog, and the friendly service she provides. The hair cuts are always so cute. We have recommended her services to many friends and family members.

Julie Coppernoll
- Absolutely the best and most caring groomer in this area. Kathy really cares about your dogs, quickly learning what each animal needs to put them at ease. I have trusted her with three generations of my extended family. She is patient with the puppies and oh so gentle with the seniors. She makes it a very personal experience. Without reservation, I have recommened Kathy to my family and freinds.

Ed & Keslie Werner
- We have been bringing our dogs/fur babies to Kathy since 1992. All three of "the boys" really like her, they seem excited to go to their appointments. Kathy always gives great haircuts and seems to get each one of their personalities. In the past we had tried to trim nails on our own without much success, Kathy is able to take care of nail trims for all 3 in about 5 minutes in between haircuts (in addition to the trims with the haircut). We highly recommened Kathy to anyone looking for a great grooming experience for their pet(s).

Mary G.
- Kathy has been grooming our miniature schnauzer, Otto, for almost 9 years. Every 5-6 weeks we can count on Otto being transformed into a handsome boy. He feels clean, smells clean, and looks clean! Kathy does a wonderful job of grooming and in addition, is very kind, compassionate and patient during Otto's day away at the "Clip Joint". I appreciate the good care you give to Otto and gave to our other 3 miniature schnauzers.

Murphys Mom
- I have been bringing my dogs to Kathy for 30-35 years for grooming. She has seen me straight for 3 days. Her experience with dogs is amazing - my latest dog "Murphy" is a "barber" but when he goes to Kathy's he never makes a sound. Kathy takes great care with grooming and Murphy always looks great (and smells great) when we pick him up. She is a very special caring person.

Gigi Kelly
- As a first time dog owner Kathy has not only guided me on making the right grooming choices, she has also helped to teach me how to care for my poodle. Lucy looks beautiful and is very happy when I pick her up from the Clip Joint. Kathy's love of dogs comes through every time we visit the Clip Joint.

Lynn & Bill Barnes
- My wife and I have taken our dogs to Kathy Weber for grooming services for over 20 years. She provides more than just a haircut and bath for your pet. She has shown great care and concern for our dogs well being, and even recommended the Vet that we have been seeing since 1989. She is easy to work with and we have to say that our dogs always seem quite comfortable in her care. They are never nervous about going "to see Kathy". We are pleased to recommend the Clip Joint for all your pets grooming needs.

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